Colorado Backpacking Multi-Day Trips

/media2/images/crop_255_140/backpacking/colorado_backpacking_1971.jpg Colorado Wilderness Backpacking Trips - Trips 3-7 days in length. Come enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Colorado as we guide you deep into the wilderness. Relax away from the noise of our culture and enjoy the peacefulness of laying out under the stars. Incredible guide staff. Minimum group size: 10. Meals Camping Groups Ministries

A Passageway Into Legendary Colorado Wilderness...

Colorado Backpacking 3 Apostles Combining excitement, outrageous Colorado scenery and our incredibly talented, well-trained and passionate staff, our Colorado wilderness backpacking trips are the perfect option for individuals, families, scout trips or youth group activities. Each trip can include significant time for reflection, team building, wilderness camping education, leadership training and discussion. Wilderness backpacking can also be coupled with white water rafting, rock climbing, or fishing trips to round out the adventure. Basic equipment and delicious homemade trail cuisine are provided.

Colorado Group BackpackingNoah's Ark is deeply committed to wilderness education and the Colorado wilderness experience. We depend solely on the wilderness for our livelihood and want to instill a strong sense of environmental responsibility in each of our guests. Noah's Ark teaches practical skills, such as Leave No Trace, that equip individuals with the knowledge necessary for natural resource preservation and protection. We are committed to caring for the environment and feel that each person who journeys with us should be as well.

Guided Colorado Wilderness Backpacking Trips

Three Day Backpack through scenic Colorado Wilderness

Colorado Group Backpacking

Experience more in three days than most people do in an entire lifetime!

Descend deep into mountain valleys where the wilderness stands in striking contrast to the civilization you've left behind. Ascend towering 14,000-foot peaks and look out across a landscape that now seems small and insignificant in light of the perspective you have gained atop one of the highest points in the country. Or, simply find time for reflection and relaxation beside a mountain stream as your guides take care of all the details.

Each of these experiences can be had during a three day wilderness backpacking trip with Noah's Ark. Three day Colorado backpacking trips can be arranged to cover varied distances, from 5 to 15 miles, depending on the desire and ability of the group. Call for details.

Four Day Colorado Wilderness Backpacking Trip 

Colorado BackpackingPush yourself and your group beyond their
comfort level.

While a four day trip consists of everything mentioned in the three day trip description, it also allows an extra day for additional programming, such as solo times, initiative games and topical discussions. If you are looking for a trip with the potential to truly change the lives of each participant, this is it! Four day trips can be arranged to cover varied distances, from 10 to 20 miles, depending on the desire and ability of the group. Call for details.

Five and Six Day Colorado Wilderness Backpacking Trip

Colorado Backpacking

The ultimate in wilderness backpacking experiences!

Allowing the most flexibility in terms of trip itineraries, distances, and programming options, these five and six day wilderness backpacking trips can be arranged to cover varied distances, from 15 to 25 miles, depending on the desire and ability of the group. Call for details.

Customize a trip just for your group.

Each wilderness backpacking trip can be designed to focus on a specific topic or theme of your choosing.

When our students would come back and talk about their experience it was very evident that the guides were part of their lives for that week.        
        --Pat Roseman, parent
Whether it's parent-teen, leadership, service, backcountry fishing, or a myriad of other subjects, our guides are ready to partner with you to see that your trip objectives are accomplished. Call us to discuss how we can make your goals a reality!

Check out our specific trip options listed under Families, Groups, and Ministries to find a trip that accommodates the specific needs of your group.

Colorado Backpacking Multi-Day Trips

Offered mid-May through late August

                          ~ Trip Details ~


Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting Co., Buena Vista, Colorado [View Map]


 Minimum - 10, Maximum - 130 per week

TRIP COST 2014*:

(Prices do not include taxes
and additional fees)
 $251.00 - Three Day Trip
 $321.00 - Four Day Trip
 $374.00 - Five Day Trip
 $420.00 - Six Day Trip (call for details)


 10 years old


 No previous backpacking experience required.


Backpack Equipment List (PDF)

*Trip cost is per person and includes meals, camping and guiding services. The last day of backpacking includes return to Noah's, dinner, camping and breakfast the following morning. All trip prices are subject to tax and user fees charged by the USFS, BLM and/or Colorado Headwaters State Parks, and land or water access fees up to 9% added to activities.

Please call our office for more details and make sure to click on the "For Families", "Group Adventures", or "For Ministries" icons to learn more about how we can accommodate your group's specific needs.

Noah's Ark is an equal opportunity provider and is operated under special use permit with the Pike, San Isabel, and Gunnison National Forests