Colorado Rock Climbing Adventures

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Colorado rock climbing and adventure trips with Noah's ArkCome experience an authentic Colorado rock climbing adventure in the shadows of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area! Feel your adrenaline rush, your heart pound, and your eyes open wide as you ascend a rock face amidst movie-like scenery. Feel your muscles relax and your spirit soar as you reach your goal and begin your descent, having accomplished something you never thought possible.

Maintaining high standards of risk management and excellence, Noah's Ark employs established rock climbing teaching techniques and high safety standards to provide an incredible platform of learning for all different levels of climbers. Each person will build trust and gain confidence as they tackle routes that are appropriate to both their level of experience and desire. Noah's Ark has multiple climbing sites located just north of Buena Vista, Colorado. Noah's Ark uses top-rope techniques on all of our climbs.

Building trust and gaining confidence

Rock climbing is the perfect activity for individuals, visiting groups, family vacations and youth group activities, with half and full day rock climbing trips available every day from Noah's Ark for groups of all sizes and ability levels. Rock climbs can also be paired with white water rafting, wilderness backpacking trips and full day hikes to create a well-rounded Colorado experience.

...organized, well coordinated and very supportive...

"The presentation and the attitude of the Noah's Ark staff were excellent. They were organized, well coordinated, and very supportive of all participants. Everyone was given the opportunity to test their personal limits and safety was maintained."

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Colorado Rock Climbing Trips

Offered daily, mid-May through late August

/media2/images/crop_255_140/climbing/colorado_rock_climbing_0083.jpg.jpg Half Day Rock Climb The Perfect Morning or Afternoon Challenge Come enjoy 3 hours of rock climbing and rappelling at one of our various rock climbing sites, all located in the shadows of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area. Families Groups Ministries
/media2/images/crop_255_140/climbing/colorado_rock_climbing_0153.jpg.jpg Full Day Rock Climb Spend the Day Rock Climbing and Rappelling If 3 hours isn't enough, make it an all day event! Rock climb and rappel multiple times and try various routes as your skills improve and confidence grows. Meals Families Groups Ministries

Other Colorado Adventure Trip Packages-Combining Rock Climbing

►Check out our Adventure Packages for additional multi-sport activities.  Trips Vary from 1-3 Days.

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Please call our office for more details and make sure to click on the "For Families", "Group Adventures", or "For Ministries" icons to learn more about how we can accommodate your group's specific needs.

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