Employment Opportunities

So, You’re Interested in Working for Noah’s Ark?

Noahs Ark Staff Working for Noah’s Ark presents an incredible opportunity to impact and serve with an amazing group of folks in an intimate community setting. Buena Vista is one of the top recreational areas in the country, located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. With some of this nation’s finest whitewater, highest mountains, and biggest crags; there’s plenty to keep an adventurous spirit occupied.

Noah’s Ark Whitewater Rafting Co. & Adventure Program LTD. is the industry leader when it comes to river & adventure programming. We are one of the largest rafting & adventure companies in Colorado, serving over 25,000 guests a year.

Noah’s values relationships, and facilitates incredible wilderness experiences that impact our customers in profound ways. Operating mainly during the months of May through August, the team here is a dynamic one, with employees from all across the country. In the height of the summer, the staff burgeons to 150 people whereas a core staff of 7 fills the office in the off-season (September to April).

Our hiring process officially begins in January this year and concludes in March

Staff Positions
  • Guide Program (Whitewater Rafting, Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Adventure Park)
  • Adventure Park Facilitators
  • Office Staff / Reservations (Answering phones, customer service, check in process, office work)
  • Food Service (Baking, Food Packing, Dish Washing, Food Prep)
  • Land Crew and Maintenance (Mowing, chores, keeping property clean, construction projects)
  • Shuttle Drivers
Incredible time on staff.  Life changing opportunity to serve others and meet incredible people from all over the world.

Staff Qualifications
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities
  • A person of character and judgment
  • Demonstrated outdoor experience, skills and/or the ability to learn and handle the demands of guiding in the outdoors
  • Great enthusiasm for serving others
  • Passion for the outdoors
  • A desire to make a difference in the outdoor recreation industry
  • Hard worker - Sees opportunities to contribute
  • Loves working with kids and families

If you have any questions about the hiring process, please visit our Employment FAQ's.

 The staff application process begins with a 15-20 minute phone screen. If you are interested in applying, you must call the number below on or after the 6th of January in 2014.
Please call during business hours 8am to 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time
(719) 395-2158

You can also
email us your hiring questions.

Noah's Ark is an equal opportunity provider and is operated under special use permit with the Pike, San Isabel, and Gunnison National Forests