Sponsor a Child

Making a Difference in the Life of Another

Noah's Ark recognizes the opportunity that we have to make a difference-to make our lives count in the world around us.  Our staff has consistently chosen over the years to invest in making a difference in the lives of others.  Whether that is through service projects or sponsoring a child who is less fortunate. 

We have had a long term relationship with the work of Compassion International, a program committed to making a difference in the lives of needy children worldwide.  Our hope is to encourage others to do as we have done-sponsor a child!  Get involved.  From time to time we will also offer opportunities to partner with us as we recognize that together we can make a difference.

Check out some of the stories below of those on our staff who have gotten involved!

Ways to Sponsor a Child

Just $38 per month connects you with a child in a loving relationship that will change his or her life -- and yours!

  • Exchange letters, photos, prayers.
  • Become a friend.
  • Provide opportunities for education, health and personal development.
  • Most important, your child will learn about Jesus in a church-based program in his or her neighborhood.


Please Join Us in Making a Difference

Visiting a project in Africa



Real Life Stories

Matt Blickendorf

"I took my first missions trip to Nicaragua the summer before my senior year of high school. Those ten days turned my life upside down and inside out—I came to realize my God-given passion for the poor that I had failed to recognize for so many years! I ended up graduating early to spend four months living with a family in Managua. I also spent a couple summers in undergrad working down there and try to visit my Nicaraguan friends and “familia” once a year. I have sponsored three Nicaraguan boys over the past six years, and can say that I know each of them personally. I visit their homes, meet with their families, and take them out to lunch and a movie each time I return “home” to Nicaragua. My commitment to my Nicaraguan friends has cost me time and money, but I would not trade my relationships with them for anything this world has to offer!"

Noah's Ark Guide Staff-Medical Student Ohio University

Sean Hawley

"I first started to sponsor Roni Ismael Hernandez Gonzalez when I was in the 9th grade and have sponsored him for 7 years now. As a high schooler without a job, I didn't have much of an income if any at that time. Through this situation, I was able to witness God's awesome power of provision and I never came up short of the monthly amount needed in order to provide for Roni. Many times I doubted whether or not God would provide. And now I support not only Roni, but also Malashi Raito as well! And with plenty of money every month to do so! Don't miss out on an opportunity in which you can witness God's goodness first hand within yourself and in someone you love! Compassion allows for us to be used in such a way that is beyond words. You get to take part in someone's life and watch them and pray for them as they fight poverty and over come the odds!"

Noah's Ark Guide Staff-Student CSU Colorado

Kinsey Cichowitz

"I wrote my child for 5 years and finally had the opportunity to travel to Colombia to see Kelly. She lives in 3 small rooms with 12 members of her family. I realize now that what I do can really make a difference through sponsoring Kelly. I write with more purpose now. I also got other kids in my school to buy the "Bite Back" bracelets as a way to fight malaria.  What an impact it has on so many kids in other parts of the world!"

Noah's Ark Support Staff (14 years old)-HS Student Colorado