Course Descriptions

With 4 Courses and 2 High Adrenaline challenges, the Browns Canyon Adventure Park offers countless combinations of fun with varying levels of difficulty.


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Arkansas River Run
This introductory course offers 13 unique obstacles, including 2 zipline elements, and is perfect for younger kids and first-time visitors. This course uses the revolutionary Edelrid Smart Belay system, which allows only one carabiner to be open at a time, providing additional safety for participants.
Canyon Rim Team Roller
On this beginner to intermediate course, two participants travel side-by-side along the outer rim of the park. This course utilizes Saferoller® technology, a rolling continuous belay system, and is designed to encourage teamwork.

Colorado Peaks Playpen
Just like at the ski slopes, the elements on this course range from easy or "green" elements to more difficult “blue” and “black” features. With no prescribed route, participants are free to choose their own adventure as they navigate the course.
Vertical Limit
This 35 ft vertical challenge course spans 3 different vertical levels. With 2 separate paths, participants can ascend side-by-side as the obstacles become more and more difficult. It takes incredible strength & strategy to get to the top.


High Adrenaline Challenges:

Swing 1
Big Drop Swing
Embrace the wild thrill of falling 40 feet as you swing out towards the Arkansas River! With seats for up to three participants, there is room to share the excitement with your family and friends. Enjoy the swing as part of the 2.5-Hour All Access Pass or on its own.


Leap of Faith

Climb to the top of a 25 ft pole and onto a platform where you and your partner look out over the Arkansas River. When you are ready, take the leap! You’ll jump, trying to grab hold of the trapeze bar suspended in front of you, and catch your breath as you are lowered to the ground.

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