Frequently Asked Questions: Employment

Thinking about applying to work at Noah's Ark? We encourage you to look over the information below to answer any questions you may have.

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions about working for Noah's Ark and the hiring process. Send us an email & we'll be happy to address any unanswered questions.

What type of person do we hire?

Our staff are the heart & soul of Noah's Ark. Whether guiding or working behind the scenes, our employees strive to serve our guests with passion and excellence. We believe our employees are some of the best in the industry! Attracted by our extensive training program, commitment to excellence, service, & investment in fostering community, our employees come to us from all across the country. Our seasonal staff positions are highly competitive; on average, we hire 25% of applicants each summer. We are looking for employees who are dedicated to serving guests with excellence, value relationships, are natural leaders, and embody Noah's Ark's core values.

Working for Noah's Ark is both rewarding and challenging. Our summer season is jam-packed, and  adventures are waiting around every corner. As an organization, we strive to create a supportive and relationship-driven working environment. We are committed to investing in our employees and challenging them to grow in their leadership & skills.

How old must I be to work at Noah's?

To be eligible for a guide position (rafting, adventure, adventure park), you must be at least 18 years old and be one year removed from graduating high school. To be eligible for one of our foundational staff positions (kitchen, office, land), you must be at least 16 years old. 

What kind of time commitment is required?

Our season generally runs from May 12 - August 20. Preference is given to applicants who are able to commit to the entire season. We invest a significant amount of time and energy into training our guide staff. Because of this and the need to maintain a strong leadership base, we require all of our rafting guides and adventure guides to make a two-summer commitment when they are hired.

Are housing and meals provided?

Housing & some food are provided at a reasonable cost. The specific meal plan depends on which program you work for. While this arrangement is not required for our staff, the majority of our staff find it to be a great benefit and a rich addition to their overall summer experience.

Is previous experience required for guiding positions?

If you are interested in becoming a whitewater rafting guide, previous rafting experience is NOT required. If you are interested in becoming an adventure guide, some outdoor experience is desired. Regardless of an applicant’s experience level, we require all of our guides to go through our Guide School, which offers all of the necessary training. Our guide positions are physically demanding and lend themselves to an athletic personality.

How long is guide training?

Guide School for first-year guides varies from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the program. Second year guides undergo 2 ½ weeks of further guide training.

Will I have to pay for guide training?

Noah’s Ark does charge a fee for our Guide School, which helps to cover administrative and logistical costs involved with training. Guides are also responsible for the registration fees associated with their CPR and Wilderness Advanced First Aid course costs. 

Is guide training part of the application process?

At the end of the application process in late February, our guides will be offered a spot in our Guide School. Official offers of employment are contingent on the successful completion of training.

Learn orienteering with Noah's Ark.  

What does guide training include?

All first-year guides are trained in wilderness first aid and rock climbing. In rock climbing training, guides learn the basic principles of top rope site management, including anchor setup, belaying, rappelling, and rescue procedures.

  • River guides are trained in swift water rescue, oar boats, and paddle boats. Our river training requirements meet the CO state rules for outfitters and river guides. River guides are also trained to lead day hikes.
  • Adventure guides are trained to lead 3-6 day backpacking trips. Training includes Leave No Trace principles, stove operation, orienteering, decision-making, and mountain travel. Adventure guides are also trained to lead trips on the Browns Canyon Adventure Park.

What does the adventure park job involve?

From belaying customers on the "Leap of Faith" to helping guests navigate our high ropes course, our adventure park staff help facilitate memorable experiences for our guests on the Browns Canyon Adventure Park.

What does the office job involve?

Our office staff acts as the mouthpiece of Noah’s Ark. Qualifications include a love for working with people, great phone and organizational skills, and an ability to multi-task.

What does the kitchen job involve?

“Food is the most primitive form of comfort.” Our kitchen staff provide this comfort every day by cooking for our guests and staff as well as packing food for our all-day, overnight, and multi-day trips.

What does the land crew job involve?

Our land crew staff members are the ultimate behind-the-scenes servants here at Noah’s. From stocking the campground sites with firewood to mowing the grass, they help to keep our property clean and our programs running smoothly. We also hire one person on land crew to manage the equipment shed. This person is responsible for packing equipment for all backpacking and rock climbing trips and for equipment repair and upkeep.

Do you have any year-round positions available?

While we are not currently hiring for year-round positions, we welcome resumes at any time. We will keep these on file in the event that a full-time position opens up.

When are final hiring decisions made?

Our application process starts January 12, 2021, and final decisions are typically made by late February.

I have to do an internship for school. Are there any Noah's internships available?

We have a few internship positions available on a case-by-case basis. Our guide positions can serve as an internship. We have other positions in areas such as videography, database programming, and administration. If you are interested in an internship, you can send an email to!

Who would I talk to about applying as a bus driver?

If you are interested in applying for a bus driver position, please send an email to!

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