Welcome, Camp Id Ra Ha Je

We are very excited to have you rafting with us this summer! For your convenience, you may complete your release forms online! Please find your rafting date in the list below.

NARROW WAY EXPEDITIONS, use the bottom box below.

Each trip has a distinct link for the release form, so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE CHOOSING THE ONE FOR YOUR TEEN'S TRIP.  If you have more than one family member going to camp, please have each member fill out a form for the appropriate program and date. 

Your teen will have the opportunity to rent extra river gear as well.  Click here for pricing. 

Whitewater Rafting Colorado The instructions are fairly self-explanatory as you go. 

PASSWORD HINT:  You'll receive a PDF copy of your form, asking for a password. To view it, your password is the second set of numbers in the PDF title (example: Waiver_34553_157401_410201753619PM.pdf)

1. Click on the link for the program and date you are rafting, below.
2. If you are under 18, have a parent or LEGAL guardian complete the form with you.
3. Fill in your contact information (make sure your email is correct)
4. Acknowledge that you are using a digital signature (check box)
5. Answer a few important questions
6. Read your LEGAL WAIVER carefully, sign at the bottom by clicking “SIGN”, then “SAVE”
7. You’ll go back to the start screen, and the next participant can do his/her release form, if they are on the exact same trip.  
8. You’ll receive an email with a PDF of your waiver.

Please contact Noah's Ark if you have any questions!  (719) 395-2158

2019 NARROW WAY EXPEDITIONS Release Form Link ~ Director, Nathan Ewing

June 9-15

Narrow Way Rafting June 14

June 16-22
The Ascent

Narrow Way Rafting June 21

June 23-29


Narrow Way Rafting June 27-28 (overnight)

June 23-29

Narrow Way Rafting June 28

June 30-July 6
A5 Max

 Narrow Way Rafting July 4

July 7-13
The Ascent

Narrow Way Rafting July 12

July 14-20

Narrow Way Rafting July 18-19 (overnight)

July 21-27
Mountain Extreme

Narrow Way Rafting July 26

July 28 - August 3
Rock & Raft

Narrow Way Rafting August 1-2 (overnight)

July 28 - August 3
The Ascent

Narrow Way Rafting August 2

"From taking us down Brown's Canyon in its unmatched beauty & whitewater, to the guides who care deeply about the well-being & experience of guests, Noah's Ark stands alone in their ability to provide a trip you will never stop talking about."

-Dan Luebcke, Littleton CO
View of the Arkansas River and the Collegiate Peaks

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